speaks on issues identified by its membership to be of concern to the commercial production community as a whole.

2) ACCP draws its membership from a diverse group of individuals and companies directly involved in the production of screen based digital advertising content.

3) ACCP researches and publishes operating terms, conditions and guidelines reflecting industry best practices with respect to a range of production related matters, including health and safety, quoting, contracting, and billing and payment procedures.

4) ACCP works with stakeholders and government to achieve and maintain a stable and supportive political, business and community environment for the production of screen based commercial content in Ontario and elsewhere.

5) ACCP distributes to its members news of issues, evolving technologies and trends in any way affecting the commercial production sector of the advertising and broadcast industries.

6) ACCP communicates with all levels of government, in a single unified lobby, to protect and further the interests of Toronto's commercial production industry.

7) ACCP acts on behalf of its members as a referral service to potential clients and producers contemplating doing business in Toronto.