In order to become a member of the ACCP, applicants should:

  • Complete and sign an Application.
  • Be sponsored by two current members of the ACCP.
  • Have an ongoing, physical office in the GTHA and, with respect to Production House Members and Post Production Members, employ an executive producer (or equivalent) who resides in the GTHA.
  • Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Agree to be bound by the ACCP Code of Conduct.
  • Agree to a statement of principle that you are joining to be active, productive and committed members of the commercial production community.

The ACCP will notify applicants of their status upon evaluation of their application. New members will be considered accepted upon receipt of their annual dues, which can be paid by transfer to [email protected]. Members can also mail a cheque to: ACCP Membership P.O. Box 1204, Postal Station 'A', Toronto, Ontario M5W1G6.